The work has begun!

Oct 23, 2012 | Views: 592

Exciting earthworks have been happening at the Kechara Forest Retreat over the past week! The contractors have cleared part of the front portion of the land and also the hillock for the future Ladrang. They have also cleared a new road from the front entrance leading to the back of the land where the temporary abodes are.

Rinpoche has gone to KFR a few times to perform pujas for the land gods there to ensure that work on the land continues smoothly. As the land is being cleared, there will be sentient beings (nagas, devas and land deities) whose lives and families are disturbed. A puja is performed to explain to them what we are doing at the land and Rinpoche has promised them that Kechara Forest Retreat with its huge temple will benefit them and the thousands who will be coming here in the future. More trees will also be planted to ensure that their living conditions are better.

Another exciting development is that the back portion of the KFR land has been identified by Rinpoche as the location for building the Kechara Village. It will be a place where Rinpoche can stay in the forest with his personal attendants and other Kecharians; to work and stay while construction work is being done in KFR. Rinpoche being at KFR will draw much needed positive energy for KFR to manifest swiftly.

Kechara Village will be built on five acres of land where it will consist of:

  • Rinpoche’s cabin
  • Cabins for the personal attendants
  • Cabins for guests
  • A chapel
  • A huge working/chill out area
  • Organic vegetable farm
  • Aviary
  • Stupa

All this is to create a conducive working and living environment in the forest for Rinpoche and Kecharians.

Please refer to Rinpoche’s blog on the Kechara Village for more information:

Check out the pictures below:

Our very own woodcutter. Are we using machines to clear the land or are we using manual labour?

An excavator clearing the land behind the temporary abodes for more cabins to be placed

Land clearing

Clearing the hillock where the future Ladrang will be

The view of the mountain and the valley from the future Ladrang site

Rinpoche really likes this view!

Rinpoche going up the hillock with the help of others to see the land for himself!

Hoarding being erected at the front entrance

The PO’s working area at the temporary abode. They are having fun while working in the forest.

An altar was set up to bless the land while construction is in progress at KFR

Liaison JP Thong discussing the plans of the Kechara Village with the contractor

Rinpoche chilling out with some students

One Response to The work has begun!

  1. pavara on Feb 21, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    Wow! Kechara Forest Retreat is like a dream come true.

    In the second picture it shows Rinpoche’s personal assistant chopping wood. He looks really exhausted.

    So far Kechara Forest Retreat has been going along very well.

    We should spread the awareness about K.F.R and help raise funds.
    We should get more volunteers to help out as there are a lots of work to be done. The more volunteers we have the faster we will get Kechara Forest Retreat ready to benefit a lots of people.

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