History in the making at KFR!

Aug 16, 2012 | Views: 379

The KWPC team came up with a great idea to bring people to KFR. This idea is to have fun as well as Dharma and also to have people visit KFR after it was back on track. So, it became a prayer session at KFR, with dinner and a movie thrown in!

It happened last Saturday where throngs of members and friends visited KFR. It was organized by Kechara Members’ Committee headed by Sofi Lim. And it took them only about a week to get it going. A total of 107 people went to KFR on that day.

The bus left Kechara House at 4pm and reached KFR at around 5:30pm. All were very excited to be at KFR. They went on to buy candle and flowers to be offered to Buddha Shakyamuni and the queue to pay homage was so long! But all of them were very patient. There was also a photo opportunity at the iconic tree for those who made offerings.

At 6:45pm, Pastor Susan Lim led the group in a prayer of Migtsema, Setrap’s mantra and finished off with Shantideva’s dedication. After prayers, we all took a group photo.

Then, it was dinnertime catered by Kechara Oasis. Again the queue was long but people were chatting away and having a good time. By that time, the floor space was set up and people were sitting down and having dinner.

At around 8pm, Martin took the floor and thanked Datuk May for convincing Rinpoche to reopen KFR. He also thanked the organizing committee for making this event happen. It really showed the One Kechara spirit. After his speech, everyone was ready to watch the movie titled “The Village”. Lights were turned off and the movie started.

The weather was pleasant and there were no mosquitoes. From the looks of everyone’s faces, everyone enjoyed this evening out. We look forward to the next event at KFR!

Visit Rinpoche’s Blog at http://blog.tsemtulku.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/students-friends/outdoor-movie-screening-at-kfr.html for more details on the event and more pictures!

Sofi (Organising Chairperson), Any and Andy helping to prepare for the event

Jeffrey delivering food from Kechara Oasis

Bean preparing his equipment for the movie

Jean Ai and June, all ready to sell candles for the night

Staff from Kechara Oasis setting up the buffet counter

Kien and Andy putting on mosquito coils

The sitting area has been laid and the screen erected, all ready for the movie

Where is everyone?

Jean Mei greeting Yin Xi, our guest from China, to KFR

Jean Mei greeting Metok, our Vietnamese guest from San Francisco, to KFR

Metok meeting Datuk May

Keng Nam, Wei, Shen, Lily and JP


The members and friends have arrived at KFR!

More members!

Metok with May Ong’s family

Ron Wong

Guat Kooi and her friend. It is their first time to KFR

Offering flowers and candles to Buddha

Yen Pin can’t wait for her turn to offer flowers to Buddha Shakyamuni

Joy, Julia, Rose and Shin

A couple making their wishes

May KFR manifest as soon as possible

Paul with his offering

Helena and friends

Circumambulating the butterlamp house

Pastor Susan leading the group in prayers

Having dinner before the movie starts

Group picture!

Beautiful Buddha with beautiful offerings

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