6th Update: 22 April 2012

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Today, a few volunteers and the Ladrang team went to properly clean and fix up the temporary abode. The volunteers also planted more trees and plants. In addition, because the abode is on a higher platform, some steps were built leading up to it. This was all through the creativity of Mr. CK Leong (a regular volunteer in Kechara).

We also had a few VIPs visiting us today, Tuan Foo and Tuan Liang from the Special Branch of our Police Force and Mr. Tan You Seng, the Personal Assistant to the Member of Parliament in Bentong.

For about 2 weeks now, Rinpoche has had the idea of nurturing birds in the cages, until they are strong enough to be released. So today, the Ladrang team worked on assembling a few bird cages. As liberating birds (animals) extends the lives of other beings, it creates the causes to extend your life and improve your health.

When all was done, the volunteers were seen tying up prayer flags around the living quarters. They were all so excited to tie them up because not only do the prayer flags make the place look more aesthetically beautiful, they also bless the place.

When we were about to leave during sunset, a miraculous sign appeared. A beautiful and clear rainbow appeared in the sky… and ended at the iconic tree! We were in awe, and a little taken aback, because it had not been raining and the weather was dry. According to Rinpoche, this means that many people will benefit from Kechara Forest Retreat!

Check out the photos!

Mr. Lam digging to make a step leading up the abode. Kecharians can do anything! Mr. Lam and his whole family are in Kechara, including his 2 young boys, Jutika and Pavara. His wife, Choi Sheem, works full time in Kechara Saraswati Arts and he fully supports her work.

What are you peeking at, Bryan? What is there to see out there?

The steps are coming up nicely, with Martin, CK Leong and Mr. Lam.

Martin with Tuan Foo (middle), who is the chief of Special Branch in the Police Department of Bentong. On the right is Mr. Tan You Seng, Personal Assistant to the Member of Parliament of Bentong. Both these VIPs came for a visit and are impressed with our project.

Datuk May explaining to Tuan Liang about our forest retreat. Tuan Liang has served in the Bentong Police Force for more than 20 years.

Setrap was also here! (Dr. Hank in a Setrap t-shirt helping out today)

Adrian, you cannot fit into the bird cage!

Finally the steps were done! A group picture to commemorate a job well done!

Mr. Ng wheeling granite stones. This was the second time he volunteered at KFR.

Karen introducing Kechara to Tuan Liang.

Datuk May and Su Ming showing Kechara to Mr. Tan. He was impressed with Kechara for the work we do and attracting so many young people.

Jan Yong helping out in tying the prayer flags. She was there since the morning helping to plant trees. She is tired but very satisfied.

The group putting up prayer flags. The place looks so beautiful!

CK Liew and his girlfriend. A nice couple who helps out whenever they can.

The old faithful truck which has taken lots of people in and out of the land.

Datuk May presenting a Lama Tsongkapa box set to the plumber. He has been very helpful and managed to solve our water problems.

Why are they sitting on the floor all in a row? Note that all their gestures are different. Funny!

Buddha looking at them!

Can you spot the rainbow? This is the miraculous sign that appeared when we were about to leave. A good omen!

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