5th Update: 21 April 2012

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Greetings from the forest again! More and more visitors from various Kechara departments have been visiting KFR. They want to see what is happening there and to also experience for themselves the place that Rinpoche has been talking about. Everyone is excited about this new project.

Kechara Forest Retreat is a dream for every Kecharian and it is now becoming a reality. The dream of having a peaceful place where we can get away from all the distractions in life and be one with ourselves. Being in nature is the best way and this is what KFR will provide.

Yesterday, we had a few groups visiting the place. We have Kechara Oasis (KO), Kechara Media and Publications (KMP), E-Division and Kechara InMotion (KIM).

Today the Ladrang team was there again to do a final check. They went to make sure that all the electrical points are working and that the internet is connected (and we can surf the net). A few final touch ups were made and they also assembled a makeshift kitchen area.

Last but not least, we now have piped water and the toilet flush is working!

Check out some of their photos!

The group from Kechara Oasis (KO) led by Irene (in orange), Jeffrey Gan (with sunglasses) and James (far right) posing for a group photograph. Taking a break for picture time. Before this, they were busy arranging plants in the abodes.

Naing Tun from KO helping to move plants. Look how happy they were even though they were in the hot sun!

From being a waitress in KO to becoming a gardener. Kecharians are very versatile!

KMP and E-Division come together. (L-R) Carmen, Judy, Abby, Deborah, Wah Ying, Cynthia, Swee Keong and Wei Theng.

A rare find. Judy taking a photo of an old stove found inside the jungle while David looks on. This jungle must have a history behind it. Will keep you all informed when we find out!

E-Division and KMP in front of the big tree.

Ladies all in a row! Wendy, Abby, Deborah, Carmen and Sharon flashing their lovely smiles for the camera. At the background is the butterlamp house.

Can you spot the excitement? We finally have running water!!!

Martin giving an introduction of KFR to Kecharians who have not been to there.

Bryan, Phoebe and Adrian assembling shelves in the marquee. To the back is Rinpoche’s cabin and on the right is the PO’s cabin.

Jean Ai trying out the wifi connectivity from different locations. She is seen at the entrance to the PO Cabin.

Panorama of the entrance to our land. The cars are parked here, and we have to walk in for about 10-20mins to get to the cabin. Looks like a nice and cooling day.

JP is digging more holes to plant more Social Garlic plants. Social Garlic plants are plants that naturally keep snakes away from the marquees.

Jeffrey (behind the toilet) is working to raise the toilet a little bit so that the water flows out more easily from the shower’s plug hole.

Adrian, Phoebe and Bryan assembling more furniture. In the background, you can see the make shift kitchen. Looks like we are setting up a hawker stall. Hehe…

The cart on the left is going to be part of our temporary kitchen. The tin foil on top of the cart is to burn Protector incense constantly.

We have out own Phua Chu Kang!! Martin is seen here taking a quick break to update about KFR on the blog.

Did Ethan get it wrong? We are going into the forest, not fishing!

The team from Kechara InMotion.

When they say ladies are afraid of the sun, it is true! Look at Abby, Michelle and Wah Ying, they are all geared up with an umbrella and big hats!

Trekking through the jungle led by Wendy Loh. These are one of the many activities we can do at KFR.


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