3rd Update: 18 April 2012

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Yesterday was an eventful day at KFR! There were lots being done, with the contractors finishing up the cabin interiors. They put in the insulation for the cabins, fixed up the lights, laid the carpets, installed the air conditioners and finally, the windows were put up. The plumbers were also there to install the sewerage pipes for the toilets.

Kechara Care (KC) organized a group of volunteers to go to KFR to help out with the gardening and with more cleaning up. 15 volunteers started their journey early in the morning from Kechara House to Chamang.

When they got there, they had a quick briefing from Martin before they started working. They planted plants into pots and also worked on the land, digging and shoveling away. Dato’ Ruby (President of Kechara Soup Kitchen) was also there as a volunteer to help out for the day.

The volunteers were very hardworking throughout the day. Some were planting, some cleaning, sweeping and some took out the rubbish. At the end of the day, we had a beautiful garden with new plants!

When it got dark, we quickly finished up the work and did a good dedication led by Datuk May. May our work continue to grow and inspire many others to join us. May Rinpoche’s vision of KFR and KWPC become a reality.

Before heading back to the city, the volunteers were treated with dinner from Rinpoche at a local restaurant. While they were having their meal, back in Kuala Lumpur, another team led by Ethan, went around KL to buy furniture and other necessities for the new living quarters. They came to KFR with a lorry filled with the items needed.

Below are some interesting pictures of the day.

The volunteers all ready to go to KFR. They are Kien, Lucy, CK Leong, Sofi, Kelvin Koh, Ng Yi Hwa, Tan Yik Ming, Doreen, Jeffrey Khor, Jimmy Tan, Iryne Chong, Joyce Tan, Victor Phang, Mathew and Grace Leong.

Martin briefing the team on the work today.

The men loosening the soil to get it ready for planting more plants.

The ladies cleaning the cave.

Men and ladies transferring plants into pots. Yes, that is Dato’ Ruby joining the team. She is really a down to earth person.

Working hard on the land (Ng Yi Hwa, Jeffrey Khor, Yik Ming, Kelvin and Victor)

Young Matthew wheeling some plants to be planted. He has been regular volunteer in Kechara together with his parents CK Leong and Grace.

Grace and CK Leong are very happy to be there to help. They are great supporters of Kechara. It is so nice to see a couple who is growing in Dharma. Their entire family has been volunteering at Kechara Soup Kitchen for many years now.

Iryne Chong pruning a tree. She has been working non-stop from the morning. Her husband Mr. KH Ng is also involved in Kechara.

The workers putting up the mosquito netting in the cabin. After that the windows were put in.

Lew is here to install the wifi for the abode. Lew is a nice and helpful man who will do whatever he can for people. You just need to feed him. Hehe…

Su Ming, Grace and Sofi helping to move bricks. These women are strong both physically and mentally.

Kien digging into the soil while the others watch on. Kien was the leader of the day in organizing the plants. He is very happy that he can contribute to KFR as he loves gardening.

Work has started on the butterlamp house. This house will be a great way for us to offer lights to the Buddhas.

The group dedicating their efforts for the day for the manifestation of KFR and KWPC.

Phoebe, Yvonne and Pat helping each other fix up a shoe rack in the dark. Pat and Yvonne are full time staff in Kechara.

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